Sunday, August 9, 2015

iPhone Iconoclast

Max has pride of place
Last evening, Max really wanted to go outside after dark.  Usually I can dissuade him by inviting him onto my lap.  This time, he didn't seem open to such dissuasion.  As a result, quite methodically, he used his paw to gracefully swipe item after item from the coffee table by my side.   And one by one, I picked them up and put them back on the table.  The pencil, the pen, the little tablet, the French grammar book, the tissue box, the iPad.   One by one by one.  And finally, the iPhone.  I didn't give it a lot of thought as the iPhone has fallen to the floor many times from a greater height without adverse consequence.  This time, however, it landed precisely on the corner and the front crystal cracked--big time.  So today, I've been forced to handle the phone very carefully.  The cracks are growing and it actually seems as though there is moisture under the glass. So I am having to implore Siri to help me more than I'm used to and have left the phone on the counter instead of carrying it around in my pocket.
iPhone crack creep

With each iteration of cell phone comes more technological dependence and today's incident demonstrates my growing reliance on the convenience.  I stepped outside this evening to enjoy some time under the elm tree in the breeze and peruse the Michelin green guide to Provence. At least six times I moved my hand automatically to grab the phone (which wasn't there) to look up a word in the dictionaries--both French/English and Webster's, search for more information on something I didn't know about, look up a spot on the map.  Pre-phone I had no trouble doing this kind of research without the convenience of the phone by making a note (using an archaic pen) and then consulting the atlas, my maps, the dictionary, even the modern computer.  I find myself relegated to the ranks of the young, which could in other circumstances be quite a compliment.  But I'm a little ashamed for so heavily relying on something others mock on Facebook, Comedy Central, the late night shows, cartoons, and other media--all available on the iPhone.

Max in sleep mode
Later this week, I'll be exchanging my phone for an upgraded device because while I respect the value of an old-fashioned hunt for the answer, I have grown accustomed to instant virtual information.  Max, on the other hand, would like me to stop focusing my attention on anything but him.  As I write this, Max is sitting to the left of the keyboard occasionally swiping at the letters as they populate the screen.  He's a sweetheart of a cat, but really, Max, must you?

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