Saturday, June 4, 2011


My blog has languished too long.  I’ve spent my energies on another writing project that is lengthy and complex and very different from the thoughts I share here.  In retirement, I find that I have easily stacked up distractions from the writing I want to accomplish—the garden, my French reading group, a visit to my brother in Los Angeles, a friend’s wedding, family meals, Mahjong (of all things!!!), weekends with my 92-year-old father, ad infinitum.  These things all take time and psychic energy—some more than others—and I find myself distracted from the satisfying results of my creative exploits. 

By now, central California is already sunny and hot, perfect weather for growing tomatoes and peppers.  Alas, here we are into June and the rainfall continues.  I shouldn’t be so quick to wish for hot weather as hot weather here can sometimes mean 110 degrees.  And I hesitate to say that it usually gets that hot only once or twice a summer since there is nothing “usual” about the meteorological state of affairs across the U.S.—never mind California's Central Valley.  Despite the cool weather, the garden has cooperated some, producing radishes in abundance, herbs galore, and promise of lettuce and carrots.  There are some tomatoes on the vines, but they haven’t shown the slightest hint of color—except the green hue.  We do have peas as well—enough to eat while picking but not enough to share.  The vines are pretty puny and haven’t crawled up the trellis in a way I had expected.  It seems silly to even comment about the squash since nothing can stop it from flourishing.  Fortunately, I only planted two at the corner of the garden against the fence where they can crawl and climb with impunity.

In addition to all the other distractions mentioned above, I gave in and purchased a Kindle, which has made it oh so easy to download, sit and read.  And downloading, sitting and reading I’ve done.  As the evening wanes and the morning waxes, I find myself glancing at the little bar that tells me how much of the book I’ve read and I push to read a little more until the percent kicks up another number.  And another.  And another.  I really need to be more disciplined.    

Ah, retirement.  New beginnings, new distractions, new disciplines.  All good.