Friday, September 12, 2014

Arrival in France

France has beckoned us back again for a visit that started upon our arrival yesterday in Paris' CDG airport.  Our day was so long, we were too tired to make the six-hour drive to our destination near the coast of Brittany, so we stopped at Alencon, a quaint town with a northern-France architectural look.  Alas, there will be no photos as we spent our time in the car only looking for a hotel where we could lay our heads and had no energy left for wandering.  The day started in the Sacramento airport with a minute of silence in memory of the September 11 of 13 years ago.  I looked around as men removed their hats and the whole terminal fell silent but for the soft sound of the t.v.  A few minutes later, airport security cleared a path for an honor guard that entered, stood at attention briefly, then moved on to the next terminal.  It was a very moving affair and all around were visibly touched. Today we move on to Brittany--France's spectacular savage coast--with travel vigor and enthusiasm.   I'll be armed with my camera and promise more colorful posts in the future.   


  1. Je n'ai jamais être capable de faire ce truc à Google. Je joue avec mon iPad et voilà tu es là. Formidable.