Monday, January 2, 2012

Sliding from Christmas Right into the New Year

Just in time for dinner, the last of my three sons arrived from San Diego to enjoy a repast with the family and to finish up the Christmas observances.  At the table, then, to welcome the first day of the new year were my three sons, their three belles femmes,* my father, my husband and me.  The late-arriving son had spent the entire day driving through Orange and Los Angeles counties, up through the endless central valley blanketed in fog and rife with traffic to arrive just in time to sup.  So we were especially happy to see them walk through the door without having experienced any untoward experiences--despite the near miss avoided as a result of Patrick's quick thinking.

Dinner with family seemed like the perfect way to welcome a new year full of promise and hope.  Putting aside the trepidation about the state of affairs in the Middle East and Northern Africa--not to mention other hot areas of the world--and the drudgery of another eleven months of presidential campaigning, I will always hold onto the expectation that things will be better in the world. 

The three dogs (l to r:  Milo, Winston and Jack) have enjoyed their weekend together.  Or at least Milo has enjoyed his weekend with Jack and Winston.  Jack and Winston aren't nearly as enthusiastic about Milo's energy as he is about their resistance to that energy.  The dogs will bid each other adieu, and we will return to our twice-daily walks to assuage Milo's mental health needs. 

I wish only the best for you, my loyal blog readers--the best travels, the best health, the best outlook for your year and beyond. 

*lovely ladies

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