Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mysteries of the Mind

After years of chipping away at the French language in the hopes I would one day sound like Simone Signoret or the more au courant Marion Cotillard, I think I have picked up the pace.  What makes the difference?  I'm not totally sure but for the fact that I've added a solid hour of conversation per week with a friend who is fluent--in addition to my three hours a week with other friends with whom we slog through French novels.  Or is it the French radio station I just found on my iPhone? 

In any event, it feels more like the moment when all the puzzle pieces fall into place.  You all know what I'm talking about.  It can be found when the vinaigrette emulsifies, when the car reaches fifth gear, when you finish the last page of a book, when you capture that perfect photo--or even when you look at what would have been a perfect photo.  It's epiphanous, frankly. 

What a wonderful feeling it is to be challenged by the mysteries of the mind.

To add a note of reality, I don't really expect to sound like Simone or Marion, but you gotta have hope! 

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