Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fowl Fans

We live in a suburban neighborhood, which stretches for many miles out beyond us to the edge of Sacramento County.  When we first moved here 25 years ago, there were some hold-out fruit orchards and horse properties; but those have long since given way to development.  We back up onto a large empty lot between us and a convalescent home and have the benefit of occasional wildlife sightings.  Last year we had a deer in the yard for several days.  I even called Animal Control because I was concerned it would cross someone’s back yard and wander on to the busy street.  They were unconcerned.  We used to have peacocks and quail until we acquired multiple cats.  Now they have found another place to hang out.  

Yesterday, I went to the car with Milo, the dog, and saw two turkeys strolling casually up the street.  Milo saw them, too, and barked ferociously out the front window.  I sat for a few minutes watching them go up the street.   And just as I was about to turn on the engine, I noticed the turkeys had doubled back toward the car with three more of their colleagues.  Evidently, they were the posse that had been sent up the street to round up the strays.  They approached the car, Milo barked, and they stood stock still gazing at us while Milo barked.  They finally meandered by in the other direction, I started the car and turned around toward them in the direction of my destination, and out of nowhere, the five became 14.  Fourteen turkeys strutting around in our suburban street without a care in the world.   

A turkey once walked right through our yard and out into the street and Spike, our cat, followed it all scrunched down close to the ground--stalking as if he were going to bring it down for a yummy oversized lunch.  We discouraged him from any attempt as we were pretty sure the turkey would render him available for somebody else’s lunch.  On this visit by the 14 turkeys, Spike kept his distance—riveted but respectful.  Smart cat. 

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