Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where's that truck?

In my first few months of posting on this blog, I wrote a piece called “Retrospection” about slowing down and enjoying the moment.  Sometime between then and now, I must have fallen off the back of a truck because I seem to have pushed and shoved busy-ness into my daily life harkening back to the time when I was still in career mode. 

I don’t mean to imply that life is the same as it was before.  It’s vastly different.  But in place of the policy discussions, staff meetings, issue papers and late-night reading, I now fill my days and evenings with some-productive and some-mindless activities. 

I honestly thought I would have time to read all those books that are sitting around staring at me.  I thought there would be hours of introspection, thoughtful musing on the good fortune of a loving family and reasonably good health, leisurely walks along the river with my camera, visits with out-of-town friends, frequent and brilliant posts on this blog.  After I post this my co-author and I will spend the remainder of the day working on our third mystery and tomorrow, I will work on my book about adventures in France.  The remainder of the week is spoken for with part-time work to feed my travel fancy and many other scheduled chunks of time. 

I find myself at a point when I feel the need to cram it all in rather than move along slowly.  All those years I focused almost solely on my career, now I focus on all the things I could not do while working.  And I seem to want them all at once.  I only hope I can find the back of that truck somewhere along the path into maturity. 

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