Saturday, April 6, 2013

Milo on Speed

One in the mouth, one on the run.
This is what it looks like when all you care about is a colorful plastic disc that flies through the air at the hand of the man who feeds you.  Milo is maniacal for his Frisbees.  In fact, in order to avoid any escape from us while on the road, we keep a few Frisbees in the trunk of the car.  He'll fall for that Frisbee chase in lieu of food, cats, other dogs, squirrels, fast-moving cars.  Anything. . .  We have successfully lured him away from danger on several occasions.

Bring on the next one!
Our back yard is large enough to really let the Frisbee fly, and Milo takes full advantage of it.  As small as he is, he sounds like a trotting horse across the ground.  Thump, thumpety, thump.  It’s louder than you think such a small animal could make.  And while he's running after the Frisbee on the fly, he won't give up on the one he has in his mouth.  Nothing gets him going like a flying plastic disc--or the promise of a flying plastic disc.

Some dogs are motivated by treats that emerge from crinkly plastic bags.  All Milo wants in life is a little love from his owners and that round plastic thing.  Thank goodness for such enticement in his otherwise not-so-thrilling days.  

Milo lives for Frisbees. 

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