Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Friends

 In August, an old friend of my father's came from Pennsylvania with his wife to attend a nephew's wedding.  He and I made arrangements months in advance for me to drive to Palo Alto from Sacramento to make sure Dad and he were able to enjoy a visit.  To the South Bay we went for a long lunch and visit with Dick and Marge.  Dad is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister.  Dick is a retired piano professor at a college near Philadelphia.  They became friends in Canton, New York, where Dick was a student at St. Lawrence University and Dad was the minister at the Canton Universalist Church.  While I'm no spring chicken--in fact, retired after many years of paid employment--visiting with these two men--one an octogenarian (Dick) and one a nonagenerian (Dad)--was memorable for me.  Also memorable for them, they were able to reminisce in a way that gave me hope for my dotage. 

They talked.

They laughed. 

They appreciated each other.

Friendship is a blessing. 

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