Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Calm after the Storm

Monday was quiet and calm after a weekend of sons and their ladies, extra dogs, yummy food, fun games in the yard.  Seth, the oldest, arrived on Saturday morning with his girlfriend, Rachel, and his two dogs, Jack and Winston.  Milo was in heaven with two new playmates.  They hardly stopped playing the entire time.  I had Seth and Rachel to myself for a lot of the afternoon until others arrived, which any loving mother enjoys when visits are few and far between.  After Patrick and Christine (son two and girlfriend) and the Sams (youngest son, Sam, and fiancee, Samantha) showed up, we enjoyed dinner--my Faux Bouillabaise.  Since I had broken my ribs on Monday, it was a challenge to cook dinner; but post-dinner clean-up was left to someone else.  We sat and talked late into the evening enjoying each other's company. 

On Saturday, breakfast lasted the entire morning, given a variety of sleeping and eating habits, starting with me and ending with Pat and Christine.  Dinner on Sunday was prepared by Pat and Christine--a delicious chicken tetrazzini and lovely salad with tomatoes, carrots and lemon cucumbers from the garden.  They enjoy their food and know how to make it enjoyable to others.

Seth and Rachel gathered up the dogs and left for San Francisco late Sunday evening when weekend traffic returning from Lake Tahoe had already subsided.  It was, plain and simple, a wonderful weekend.

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