Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sharing Stories

As this is my first blog, a little introduction seems appropriate--an introduction that will entice you rather than induce a coma.  I am the mother of three adult sons born of two different fathers. My first marriage was declared over through mutual, if not friendly agreement, on our third wedding anniversary.  My second marriage will reach its 30th year at the end of this month.  My oldest son is on the cusp of middle age, which affirms that I am well beyond that stage in my life.  He is lucky or talented enough to have been able to make a living through some artistic endeavor his whole life.  My second son is in his late 20s.  He has not yet found a career that could be described as a "living" and is always looking for something better.  My third son is in his early 20s and works at a local zoo while attending college.  He found his career long ago and will pursue it until he has succeeded.  My husband is a hard-core golfer and teacher--in that order.

I have worked in the nonprofit or government area for my entire career, which has afforded me great personal satisfaction though few luxuries.  I have a penchant for travel and food and have somehow managed to enjoy them both.  While our house has languished in disrepair, we have managed to take our two younger sons to Europe on three occasions and travel without them on several others. 

In this blog, I will share my stories about raising sons, travel, food, household pets, and other sundry items. I hope you enjoy them.

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